Public Safety

The Town of Williams Creek receives police and fire protection from the City of Indianapolis.  The Town also has a Town Marshall and Deputies who perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the Councilors of the Town of Williams Creek for the preservation of the public peace and safety and the observance and enforcement of the ordinances and laws of the Town of Williams Creek, Marion County, Indiana and the State of Indiana as such laws and ordinances apply to the activities of the Town of Williams Creek. The Town Marshal shall be responsible for administering Town Council approved Rules and Regulations, which further govern the activities of the Marshal and Deputy Marshals.   For more information, please see 



Town Patrol

The Town of Williams Creek and the Town of Meridian Hills share the duties of patrolling the two Towns, and provide the same standard of policing as the IMPD, including first response supplies for trauma or overdose events.

Camera Surveillance

 In 2017, a surveillance camera system was installed throughout the Town.  The purpose of the system is to provide both live and recorded monitoring to deter crime, and to facilitate forensic investigations in the Town, should a crime occur.  The Town is grateful to all the donors who supported this investment in maintaining the quality of life in Williams Creek.